Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good Times...American Style

Paulie & Family March in 4Th of July Parade
Highland Park Crowd Kind to Republican Jews

Once again your brilliant blogger and his family participated in the great American tradition of marching in an Independence Day parade. My wife, kids and I walked with the Republican Jewish Coalition, while my parents showed their support for the RJC and Congressman Mark Kirk (R-10)

Highland Park, Illinois is beautiful upper class suburban community on Chicago's North Shore. You would believe by false media stereotypes that wealthy white people would lean toward the right of the political spectrum. Not this community, which I have deemed the Berkeley of the Midwest.

Regardless of the politics that plague this suburb, the RJC did receive a mostly warm welcome from the crowd. Sure there was a handful of lewd remarks from the hardcore Progressives and Socialists, but there was just as many, if not more cheers for us and shout-outs in support of our organization and Congressman Kirk. Truth is that too many Jews are afraid to show their support for conservative causes or Republican candidates. One person yelled at us, "Jews are suppose to be Democrats!" To my wife's dismay, I exercised my right to free speech and responded, "Why would I support a Party that hates Israel?" My choice of words may have not been 100% accurate, but the Schmuck got the point.

To my disappointment, Congressman Kirk was not in attendance. To his credit, there are only so many parades you can attend, so he was in Deerfield, Wheeling and Arlington Heights, if my information was correct. Highland Park sadly is not considered Kirk friendly territory. Even with a large Jewish population, this is one town that has ignored his strong support for the State of Israel and the Jewish community. Most suburban Democrats do not vote on record or substance, they just look for the (D) after the name.

The Parade turn-out seemed less than last year, but still strong. As I said last year, "nothing describes America better than an Independence Day parade." Different causes, businesses, politicians and religions all come out to express their right to free speech. I may not support Kirk's challenger who will be Dan Seals or Jay Footlik, but I welcome and encourage them to march. I may be a Jew, but I enjoy seeing the floats from groups such as the Baha'i Faith.

As far as the RJC goes, we joke that we would be lucky not to get lynched in Highland Park or Skokie, which we had a strong presence as well. However, the fact is Jewish Republicans are coming out of the closet in droves. Even in leftist communities such as Highland Park and Skokie, many Jews are beckoning for a conservative voice and need to know they are not alone. I guarantee that after yesterday, the RJC in Chicago will see a membership increase.

Not to beat a dead horse, but...
Sen. Edwards is the poster child for his two Americas

A few months back Presidential hopeful John Edwards received criticism for paying upwards of $400 for a haircut. It was later revealed the cost included travel expenses for his stylist, Joseph Torrenueva, who has catered to the rich and famous for decades. I'm not sure how the travel expenses aspect made the hair-cut cost more legitimate. The fact is that he was still paying, what some barbers would call a weeks pay for one hair-cut.

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that $400 was on the lower-end of the Edwards hair care costs. In an interview with Mr. Torrenueva, the stylist said one haircut during the 2004 presidential race cost $1,250 because he traveled to Atlanta and lost two days of work.

You are reading that correctly, Edwards paid over $1200 bucks to get his haircut.

Does any of this really matter? During a Presidential campaign, especially one that Edwards is running, it means a great deal. The former North Carolina Senator continues to say that there is "two Americas. " Simply put, he believes there are the "haves," and "have-nots," and has based his entire political future on making you believe if your not rich, you have nothing and are getting screwed by the Bush administration and GOP.

The former V.P. can try to sell Americans whatever B.S. he wants, but at least don't be the poster child for what you are running against. I am not financially wealthy. I don't own a home or drive fancy cars. My children will go to public school and unless I win the lottery, they will have to take out school loans for college. Nevertheless, I know that we can't say we are the "have-nots."

If Mr. Edwards believes that the "haves," are millionaires who can buy "whatever they want," than he is correct. I want a 1957 Lincoln convertible and can't afford it. However, I do have a 2007 Ford Focus and am grateful that our free market/capitalist economy caused Ford to offer me 0% financing.

Since I apparently have nothing in the eyes of Mr. Edwards, let me make a suggestion. Every time you need a haircut, figure out what you would pay at that time, being $400 - $1250. Than instead of flying Mr. Torrenueva to whatever part of the country your in that day, go to a local upper class hair saloon and have them do your hair. Deduct the $25 to $75 dollars the top notch local stylist charged you and give the remaining money to the "have-nots." That is how you can improve peoples lives. It works better than selling them a lie or making them feel worthless.



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