Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 5/22/07

Target Does the Right Thing
Never underestimate the power of the people

About six weeks ago, I told you about Target Stores abusing Eminent Domain laws in order to build a nearly 20 million dollar Superstore at International Plaza in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The retail giant and the village trustees were going to use Eminent Domain to kick out multiple small businesses as well as the property owner in order to build their new store and bring in more tax revenue.

My favorite pro-liberty/government accountability group, Sam Adams Alliance, took up this cause and defended the property rights of everyday citizens. Paulies Point and others joined the fight led by Sam and I am proud to say victory is ours.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of phone calls and emails, Target stores gave up the fight for International Plaza, backing out of their contract with the Village of Arlington Heights.

Never underestimate the power of the people when they band together and hold their government accountable. I want to personally thank my readers who sent emails to Target asking them to stop this abuse. I also want to show my love to the kids at Sam Adams, who took up this worthy cause and to "Common Sense" writer and publisher Paul Jacob, who's words were a major player in the people's victory.

Never underestimate the power of the people to hold their government accountable. When we work together, everyday citizens can accomplish great things regardless of the opposition and their power.

Special note: Thank you Target for listening to the people and abiding by their wishes. I hope you utilize the Free Market and continue to grow and have great success.

Israeli woman murdered by Palestinian rockets
The time for Gaza offensive is now

Paulies tired...I'm tired of writing about murdered Jews. Who am I kidding, I'm not just tired, I'm angry about having to comment and report about people all over the world killed by terrorists. Last night a 32 year old woman in Sderot, Israel was standing by her car near a downtown bakery as a Kassam rocket landed directly on the vehicle. Shirel Feldman bled to death as Magen David Adom paramedics raced to the hospital in a desperate attempt to save her life.

The rocket was one of five that was aimed at the western Negev, landing in a downtown business district right before 8:00 pm. One man suffered shrapnel wounds and was listed in fair condition, another suffered light injuries and 12 people were treated for shock in the same attack.

I must admit that I am confused about how Israel should respond. Don't get me wrong, I believe a merciless strike on Hamas targets is the only response. My concern is the competency of the Olmert government to pull it off.

I have full faith in Israels military and their top brass. However, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert continues to show enormous restraint. F**K that! Israeli Foreign Minister Tzip Livni said during the conference that Israel did not consider a cease-fire feasible, because to Hamas it was only an opportunity to rearm and not to adhere to the true meaning of a cease-fire. She's right, so the only other option is a ruthless military assault. Unfortunately, Olmert continues to show that he doesn't have the gonads to get the job done. I long for a Benjamin Netanyahu administration.

John Edwards the Great Hypocrite
Charges UC Davis 55k for speaking engagement

He is one of the wealthiest trial lawyers in the United States. A former U.S. Senator and candidate for Vice President. The man has a 28,000-square-foot home in North Carolina and has paid as much as $400 for a haircut. His net worth is in the 9 figures range, but the man who said "every financial barrier" must be removed for American kids who want to go to college isn't helping make that dream a reality.

Presidential candidate John Edwards (D), charged the University of California at Davis, 55,000 dollars for a speaking engagement in January 2006. What makes this scenario comical was his topic for his speech, "Poverty, the great moral issue facing America."

Don't get me wrong, Edwards has every right to charge whatever the market will pay him. However, it goes to credibility. When you are a millionaire hundred of times over and your crusade is fighting poverty and making higher education accessible to everyone, charging a taxpayer funded state college an amount that would pay the tuition for 2 or 3 economically deprived students as well as lift the same amount of families out of poverty....need I say more.

Only in America
Last night my wife and I with another couple, took our children to Chucke Cheese for fun and mediocre pizza. If there is any place in America that is a shining example of diverse ethnicity, religions and races coming together for family fun, it's CC.

Last night I watched a Muslim woman and her husband playing air hockey at the establishment, while their two sons cheered them on. Only in America could a Muslim family, dine on Italian food, play a Canadian influenced game, pay for it with United States currency and be observed and written about by a crippled Jew.

I love this country.



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