Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That Damn Disease

Prayers for Tony and Elizabeth
Great role models for survivors

As a cancer survivor who will be celebrating my 20 year milestone this October, the recent revelations that White House press secretary Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Presidential candidate John Edwards, have been stricken with a cancer recurrence, has weighed heavily on my mind.

Despite what some in the press have been reporting, cancer survivors such as myself are not questioning are own mortality. Undoubtedly the news about Snow and Edwards will serve as a reminder to many cancer survivors that their disease can come back, but many long term (5 plus years) survivors believe their lives are examples of why Edwards and Snow should never give up, regardless of their prognosis.

When John and Elizabeth Edwards held their press conference announcing her recurrence, they adamantly stressed that their campaign for the White House would continue. As a person who will undoubtedly not be voting for Edwards, I am supportive of their decision to continue on with the race. There has been many in the press who have stated that Mr. Edwards should end his campaign to be by his wife's side. These individuals need a big cup of shut the f**k up!

Nobody, not even other cancer victims can completely put themselves in the shoes of the Edwards family. Common sense dictates that John will be at his wife's side often and she will campaign with her husband between treatments depending on her strength. What the media and most people don't realize is that the campaign in itself is part of her treatment. I'll repeat that. The campaign is part of her treatment.

It is human nature to have ambitions. For Elizabeth, she wants to see her husband in the Oval office and herself as first lady. I cannot stress the importance of a positive attitude and to not let this dreaded disease destroy your life. The worst thing that could happen to Mrs. Edwards state of mind, is knowing that her Cancer was responsible for her husband abandoning his Presidential campaign. Knowing that she needs to get better to help him with the Democratic nomination will be a great asset as she looks deep inside herself to find the strength to carry on.

Its ironic, but after Edwards informed the world of her recurrence, Tony Snow issued a statement of well wishes and prayers for Mrs. Edwards from the President. He went on to explain to the White House media whores, the importance of family, friends and prayers when dealing with a life-threatening ordeal. It would only be a few days later that Snow himself would learn his own cancer had returned.

Snow's comments about family, friends and prayer could not be more true. When you are fighting this or any deadly disease, your thoughts about your own well-being are secondary to concerns for your loved ones. In my case, I was always more concerned about my parents than myself. I never allowed myself to show any fear, knowing how it would hurt my mother. Edwards and Snow, I can say with certainty are feeling the same way.

Everyone of us has faced cancer in one way or another. The victims are not only those who are stricken, but those who love the victims are also dealing with hardship. Please take a moment and call your friend or family member who has battled this disease and tell them you love them and are grateful they are part of your life.

Say a prayer for Tony, Elizabeth and the millions of people dealing with this disease on a daily basis. Go hug your kids and tell them you love them.

Can I get a Whopper, hold the torture?

The second largest fast-food chain in the United States, Burger King, has announced they will begin buying eggs and pork from suppliers that did not confine their animals in cages and crates. This decision by the fast food giant who was previously referred too as "Murder King" by PETA is being praised by animal welfare advocates for this “historic advance.”

As for myself I am an admitted animal lover. I also am a member of PETA, but their two splinter groups, People Eating Tasty Animals and People Eating Tasty Tortured Animals. All kidding aside, animals even those that will end up in our stool, should be treated humanely. Animals are creatures of God and even though I believe they are part of the natural food chain, they still should be subjected to as little suffering as possible.

Does this mean I will be choosing Burger King over their competitors? Probably not. The decision by BK concerns the purchase of eggs and pork. I do not eat anything at BK that contains eggs or pork. I used to enjoy a couple bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, but do to personal health reasons, no longer indulge. I do enjoy a Whopper, hold the mayo and cheese every so often, but it does not appear this decision involves the restaurants signature product.

Congrats to BK on their decision. Next time I read about them, I hope it's because they are making speaking English a job requirement or they invented the fat-free french fry.



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