Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 3/6/07 (late edition)

Why we are fighting

Regardless of your thoughts about the war in Iraq, anyone who denies our way of life is under attack by radical Islam, needs to put down the pipe. One of our supposed allies in the war against Islamic Terrorism, Saudi Arabia, serves as a reminder of what life would be like if Western civilizations falls to Islamic extremism.

Last year a 19 year old woman was gang raped by seven men, 14 times over a 3 hour period. One of the men took pictures of the woman and threatened to blackmail her with them. The woman's ordeal began a year ago when she was blackmailed into meeting a man who threatened to tell her family they were having a relationship outside wedlock, which is illegal in the Kingdom, according to a report in the Scotsman newspaper. She agreed to meet the blackmailer at a mall, where she got into a car with him, which met up with the other men and her real nightmare began.

After the incident she decided not to tell her family in fear of the pictures being circulated. Eventually she told her family, after a failed suicide attempt. Five of the men were arrested and are serving sentences of 10 months to five years even though the prosecutor asked for the death penalty.

When the judge handed down the sentence, he gave the victim 90 lashes for the crime of being alone with a man not related to her. All the punishments were given based on Islamic-law.

"I was shocked at the verdict. I couldn't believe my ears. Ninety lashes! Ninety lashes!" the woman, identified only as "G," told the Saudi Gazette. "I ask the king to consider me as one of his own daughters and have mercy on me and set me free from the 90 lashes."

The victim fears the ringing of the telephone. She awaits the phone call from authorities asking her to report for punishment. The lashings will take place over at least two days, the Saudi government is kind enough not to give you more than 50 lashings in a single torture session.


Where is the world-wide outrage over this travesty of justice? Where is Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinheim and Susan Sarandon regarding this matter? Where is Amnesty International? The answer is simple. If the inhumane act isn't being perpetuated by the United States, Israel or any country associated with American Imperialism, than it's not really a problem for the world to be concerned with.

We also must not forget that we don't want to offend Muslims and express our disagreement with Sharia law. If we don't say anything, maybe they will just leave us alone. I believe Madrid, London, New York and daily life is Israel should serve as examples that appeasement is a suicide pact.

Gone 25 Years, But Never Forgotten

Do you remember where you were when you first learned about the death of John Belushi? I was 11 years old, in my parents 1977 Plymouth station wagon, on our way to my grandparents house in Chicago. WLS radio interrupted a song to announce that Belushi had died. I was devastated.

In the late 70's and early 80's, Saturday Night Live, Blues Brothers and Animal House, defined great comedy. The Chicago area native was on top of the world when he died on March 5Th, 1982. At the time he was considering several roles and was the actor in mind when the movie Ghostbusters and Spies Like US were developed.

During my short tenure in Chicago radio, I heard many stories about Belushi and his antics. One story told to me by a Chicago radio legend, who will remain anonymous, is that Belushi and Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl (Disco Sucks), used to attend Blackhawk hockey games together. The two big larger than life personalities where notorious for returning to the radio station studios highly intoxicated with a case of beer and a large pizza. The two would usually be found the next morning passed out in the music library room with the pizza and beer completely devoured.

To this day I watch the Blues Brothers at least a half dozen times a year. I can quote the film verbatim from start to finish. When I was a teenager fighting cancer and I was home bound from school, I would watch the Blues Brothers on almost a daily basis. It always made me laugh and kept my spirits up.

Thank you John Belushi, your comic genius continues to entertain and inspire.

Reality about Russia
Communism or Fascism alive and well under Putin

Check out this story still developing. If you are a journalist or ex-KGB agent who is investigating or knows the illegal activities of the Putin administration, chances are you will have a mysterious and well timed death. Russia is one of the biggest reasons the United Nations and their sanctions are useless. I have written about Russia and Putin secretly selling arms and heavy water to Sadam Hussein and Iran, violating UN sanctions. Not even France has profited as much as the Putin government from selling sanctioned goods to anyone willing to wire money to a Swiss bank account. If you are in a position to expose it, you will end up dead.



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