Monday, March 05, 2007

Casimir Pulaski Day

Today is a holiday in Chicago and Cook County. Revolutionary war hero Casmir Pulaski, who is known as "the father of American cavalry," is honored today throughout the Chicago land area. Schools and local government institutions are closed to celebrate this great American hero, originally born in Winiary, Poland. Chicago has a large Polish community and their pride in Pulaski is evident every Pulaski day. Have a great holiday.

Congratulations John

Today is a special day for one of the most important people in my life. John Tsarpalas recently left his position as Executive Director of the Republican Party in Illinois, to work for the newly formed liberty and government accountable group, Sam Adams Alliance. Your brilliant blogger is very excited about the SAA. Besides John, I have other friends and acquaintances involved with the organization. I have high expectations from SAA and my readers will hear more about their work in the future.

GOP Denounce Coulter
Conservative pundit getting harder to take seriously

This past week conservative columnist Ann Coulter referred to Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards as a "faggot," during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word "faggot," so I — so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards."

I am not a fan of John Edwards. His entire campaign is based on dividing America and his elaborate lifestyle makes him a hypocrite. However, nothing good was served by Miss Coulter when she made these derogatory remarks about Edwards. I would have to guess she will be releasing a new book soon and wanted the free publicity.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean demanded GOP candidates denounce her comments and as of now, McCain, Giuliani and Romney have all done so. Edwards campaign spokesman said, “Since they have nothing real to use against him (Edwards), Coulter’s resorting to the classic right-wing strategy of riling up hate to smear a progressive champion.” What is sad about that statement is that there is an endless supply of relevant information to use against Edwards, but Coulter decided to use a derogatory and hateful term.

Last year I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who is homosexual and he was ripping on Coulter and other conservative pundits for their homophobic rhetoric. He and I disagreed at the time of what is homophobic speech. I have contended for years and still do that Democrats are not much more open to the ideas of gay marriage than Republicans. However, it cannot be disputed that many social conservatives are "hateful" when is comes to gays.

As a person of faith (Jewish), who has a better understanding of Christianity than most of my Gentile friends, I understand why they may not support the idea of gay marriage or gay adoption. When it comes to homosexuality, religious text is very clear. However, the idea of hating or judging another person, regardless of their sins, is the ultimate anti-Judeo/Christian sin. Man will not judge man only God can judge man. It sounds like Miss Coulter needs to take a lesson from the Blues Brothers. "You get wise, you get to church."



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