Friday, February 23, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 5 Adar 5767

Obama Bin Laden
Classless T-Shirt for Sale

Some people may think it's funny or harmless, but there are certain things you do not do. A website that specializes in conservative paraphernalia, Metrospy, is selling items that say, "Obama Bin Laden." I am not a fan of the junior senator from Illinois, but even in a humorous manor you do not compromise a man's name with a terrorist who is responsible for murdering thousands of innocent people.

In the spirit of full-disclosure I have purchased buttons and sticker from this company in the past. They do have many tasteful humorous items as well as gear that make excellent political statements. However, I find this particular message to be tasteless.

As I'm sure your aware, your brilliant blogger has been very critical of Democrats who freely make comparisons of our military to Hitler and Nazi's. This situation is not any different. I may not agree with Barack Obama on most issues, but he does not deserve to have his name dragged through the gutter in such a shameful manner. As a past customer and as an American, I ask that Metrospy not stoop down to the level of Senator's Dick Durbin and Robert Byrd and stop selling the Obama Bin Laden gear.

Jesse Jackson Pleas with Hollywood
He's worried we may all get along

With Hollywood ready to celebrate Oscar night, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is pleading with Hollywood for greater inclusion of minorities in showbiz. Apparently Jackson is worried that this year's awards ceremony will feature too many black nominee's and winners that it will make people forget that Hollywood still doesn't employ enough minorities.

When asked by Variety magazine about the best actor and supporting actor/actress nominations of Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, Jackson said,"I feel joy for those outstanding performances, my concern is that people will take these as a substitute for progress."

Maybe it's just me, but maybe progress has been made. The idea that any industry or profession may exist without racism is Jesse Jackson's worst nightmare. If Hollywood is guilty of anything, it is that they discriminate against practicing Christians and outed Republicans.

What will undoubtedly be an evening that African Americans should be proud of, may be tainted by the self serving agenda of a man who has spent a lifetime dividing the races. I ask the reverend to imagine a world in which discrimination did not exist. I'm sure that thought keeps him up at night, knowing full well he would have to get a real job and couldn't live like a king off the suffering of his people.

Those Rich Jews
Indy Mayoral Candidate Shows True Colors

Indianapolis mayoral candidate Bob Parker (R) showed his ignorance when he told an Indianapolis Star columnist, "I'm sure you realize -- well, most people don't -- millionaire Democrats outnumber millionaire Republicans four to one," Parker said. "It's mainly because of the Jewish faction inside the Democratic Party." Parker continued to make an ass out of himself when he added, "Most Jewish people are Democrats and they bring that wealth. My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause."

Jewish groups are demanding the Marion county GOP withdraw their support for Parker in this year's mayoral race. Your brilliant blogger is also demanding that Republicans pull their support from the current GOP favorite.

Farewell to a Class Act
Dennis Johnson Dead at age 52

Former Boston Celtics guard and 3 time NBA world champion Dennis Johnson, passed away Thursday from an apparent heart attack at the age of 52. Johnson was a team player who exemplified class on the court. As part of the Boston Celtics Dynasty of the mid 80's, Johnson will always be remembered as the great pass recipient from Larry Bird during one of the most famous plays in NBA history.

I recall a joke by comedian Arsenio Hall who chided Johnson for being a black man with Freckles. Johnson was coaching a developmental team, Austin Toros, when he collapsed outside the building. Johnson will be a great new addition to that all star team coached by God.



At 3/05/2007 4:50 AM , Blogger Metro said...

I respect your opinion and in some ways agree with much of what you've said...the shirt is tasteless and rude. However, we can't stop selling it. Remember, MetroSpy was the only company with enough nerve to sell the Mohmmed Danish cartoon shirts. We have a reputation to uphold.

The truth is, a controversial t-shirt, such as this, is what allows us to make everything else you see in the line. Believe me, if we had to pay rent and meet payroll selling only 'Proud Republican' t-shirts and 'George Bush' buttons, there would be no MetroSpy....I repeat, there would be no MetroSpy!

For now, this is the hot shirt that so many people want. Tasteless or not, we must sell it to stay in business. The day we force people to buy stuff they don't want is the day we shut our doors.

Nothing personal, this really is just business.

At 3/05/2007 9:26 AM , Blogger Paulie said...


Even though I still believe the shirt is tasteless, I do appreciate and respect your honesty.

I recall the Danish cartoon shirts and never believed they where tasteless. On the contrary, someone needed to stand up to Islamic extremists using the cartton for political and terrorism purposes.

Are discussion is a great reminder of why this is the greatest country in the world. People have a right to wear whatever they want and you have a right to sell them what the market demands. I may not like the shirt or feel it is wrong, but at least we can agree to disagree without trying to kill each other.

Outside of this shirt, keep up the good work. Time to get creative and rip Hillary more, I would also love to see some pro-Giuliani stuff or "recruit Newt." You can use the last one, but I want a cut.


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